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From humble beginnings

 I began moving boats in 1982 with a single axle gas engine truck and a trailer with mobile home axles under it with no trailer brakes. I knew there had to be a better way. Much of what we pioneered has now become industry standard. We were the first to move to a tandem axle truck for traction on boat ramps to avoid getting stuck. This was back when weight wasn't and issue. We began to use air ride suspension to allow for easier loading and unloading of boats on stands (the ride was improved to!) and the first to implement a quad axle trailer as boat weights increased.  I was also at the forefront of carrying my own crane on these moves to help expedite the process of dismantling and reassembling the boats.
  With the intimate knowledge of these large boats and the special accommodations they need on moves, and having built several previous trailers that were a success I was able to draft and engineer our newest custom trailer able to handle these behemoths. Our trailer is currently the lightest, strongest and longest trailer available for moves. It boasts split tandem axles for better weight distribution and a hydraulic neck to raise and lower the boat over steep ramp and railroad tracks, which can be places where others get hung. The neck also has a 13 foot reach to get the maximum allowable weight to the truck. This trailer has been designed to support each rib of the boat, instead of just the front and the back, which minimizes boat flex. Closed up the trailer is 113 feet long and stretched out it can accommodate 147 feet.  It is also the lowest trailer around which allows us to take routes others may not due to height restrictions.
  To date we have moved the largest houseboat ever built at a whopping 127 feet. Many of our moves have been large boats that are 90+ feet and up to 24 feet wide. Whether it is a single story boat, two story, or even a paddlewheeler boat, we do not shy away from the challenge. In relation to some of the boats we haul an 18 by 90 foot boat is considered small.
  If your destination is here locally in Kentucky, across the California or even in another country, no haul is to far. We offer the peace of mind that you can build your dream and we can safely deliver it. 

Our Philosophy

We strive to make transporting your houseboat and all of its important fun and relaxation equipment as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving your houseboat across the country or just across town, we can handle the job. No houseboat move is too large or too small for us to handle with care.

California Houseboat Services LLC . 106 Robinson Drive . Somerset . KY . 42503