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 References by factories/ owners and houseboat owners :  more forthcoming


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April 3, 2008

RE: Reference Letter

California Houseboat Service 106 Robinson Drive Somerset, KY 42503

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this reference at the request of Ricky, Owner - California Houseboat Service. Ricky has asked me to provide this general letter so that he may show it to any prospective clients who ask him for references.

I have known Ricky for about nine years in my capacity as owner of FunTime Houseboats. Ricky has transported many of our houseboats over the past years.

California Houseboat Service offers an excellent transportation service. The care they take in setting up and transporting our houseboats from start to finish would be hard to match by any company. Every employee from California Houseboat Service always exhibits great professionalism and care from the time they start until the houseboat has reached its final destination.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend California Houseboat Service. If their performance in working for my company is any indication of how they would perform for you, then I think they would be your best choice.


Tim Abernathy

Owner, FunTime Houseboats




Stardust Cruisers chose California Houseboat Service to move our 2008 EXPO Showboat to Louisville, KY for the following reasons:

Equipment suitable for the move. The equipment (trailer) was strong and long enough
to safely move the load and the tractor had the sufficient axle sizes as well to support the

Willingness to meet the requirements necessary to move the load safely.

A. While the equipment (trailer) could support the load as it was, some modification
was required to meet or exceed requirements as set forth by the state. This was
done at considerable additional expense.

B. Worked with enforcement agencies to make sure we were in compliance to include
having the load inspected prior to transporting and then following that up with a
police escort to and from the show site.

3. Reputation for getting the job done safely and legally. Ricky Lee owner of California
Houseboat Service did the necessary planning to make this move go as smooth and safe
as possible for both the product and the public in general.

California Houseboat Service moved the product in a professional manner. As a result Stardust Cruisers looks forward to future moves handled by California Houseboat Service with a sense of confidence.


John Gregory Vice President Stardust Cruisers

2300 E. Hwy 90 BYP Monticello, Ky 42633 800-780-8466

California Houseboat Services LLC . 106 Robinson Drive . Somerset . KY . 42503